MammoPad® has already helped millions of women ease the discomfort of getting a mammogram. MammoPad was designed by a female breast surgeon to provide a Softer Mammogram and make mammography more comfortable. The cushion brings warmth, comfort, and cleanliness to the experience.

Clinical studies prove the breast cushion significantly reduces the discomfort and cold that many women feel during mammography. About 70% of women reported it reduced their discomfort by half. MammoPad is an adhesive-backed, single-use cushion is FDA-cleared and has no effect on image quality.

what women have to say about MammoPad

"The pad made a dramatic difference. It made the mammography equipment a lot warmer and softer."

"The MammoPad definitely reduced the amount of discomfort I felt during the mammogram procedure. I want to tell my sisters and others I know who don't get mammograms due to the pain, that there is finally something out there that can help."

"Greatly decreases the discomfort -- use them all the time!"

"The pad REALLY helps! Thanks!"

"Much more comfortable and it also made me feel more comfortable with the 'cleanliness' of the procedure as a new pad was put down just for me!"

questions and answers

What is the Woman's Touch™ MammoPad™?
The MammoPad is a soft cushion placed on the Mammography machine to provide a softer, warmer, more comfortable mammogram. The breast cushion is invisible to x-rays and does not interfere with the image quality. US clinical studies demonstrated that 75% of women experienced a 50% decrease in discomfort.

Has the MammoPad breast cushion been cleared by the FDA?
Yes, the FDA has cleared the MammoPad in February, 2001. Millions of women have experienced a softer mammogram!

Can I take the MammoPad home and bring it back to use next year?
For your comfort and cleanliness, as well as to insure high image quality the MammoPad is a single use, disposable product. The breast cushion will be used during your mammography exam, today only.

Does the MammoPad cause skin irritation?
The material has been tested in laboratories and has been found to be non-irritating and non-toxic. The MammoPad is latex free.