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Our Staff will be happy to assist you in scheduling appointments, obtaining insurance authorization, and answer any questions you have regarding testing procedures and instruction.

Telephone: 800.540.4485  Fax: 888.367.6555.

In order to facilitate testing in the sleep center, patients are required to be referred by a physician.

You may be referred by your family practitioner, by a specialist, or you may choose to have a consult with one of our board certified sleep physicians who will refer you into the sleep center.

To comply with accreditation standards, a brief medical history must be provided by your physician. Our center will provide your physician with the necessary forms to complete to refer you into the sleep center for testing. Once we receive the information required by your physician, it will be reviewed by one of our staff physicians and we will contact you to schedule an appointment. You will receive an appointment confirmation letter with all pre test

Click here for a copy of the referral form which you can print out and take to your physician’s office