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Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation Services

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language pathology, cardiac rehabilitation – there may be four distinct parts of the rehabilitative services at Bon Secours Community Hospital, but they are all conducted in one place, which is good news for you. First of all, it means that all of the services you need are together. So, if you require more than one type of therapy, you won’t have to travel to different locations. What’s more, having our skilled professionals housed in one place enables frequent communication between them, which benefits you. For your convenience, there is special parking for therapy patients right outside the therapy doors.

Rehabilitative Services

Whether you’ve had an accident, suffered an injury, had a stay in the hospital for an operation or an illness, or if you have a sports injury, difficulty speaking or swallowing, you may need our help. We can help you towards your recovery with exercise, instruction, and the use of adaptive equipment.

How Can You Take Advantage of Our Services?

You’ll need a prescription or referral from your doctor, dentist, nurse practitioner, or podiatrist. Usually the referral is for a specific number of sessions. However, it is always good to check with your own insurance company to be sure they cover the services requested.

Personalized, Individual Care

Our therapists, assistants, and nurses are highly skilled and trained in their areas of expertise. They must meet all regulations in order to remain registered with the state. Just as important, they are caring members of the community, and their interpersonal skills are as highly developed as their professional ones. Depending on your diagnosis, you may need just one type of therapy or many. In all cases, the specialists are dedicated to your individual case. This group of professionals will develop a care plan to address your specific problem, and this information is shared with your physician and your health care provider. The rehab team monitors your progress carefully to make sure that you are making progress toward the established goals. Having all services in one place greatly facilitates our ability to work together and help you progress on the road to wellness.

Here’s a closer look at what we have to offer

Physical Therapy

When health problems arise due to an injury or disease, our physical therapy department works to help regain strength and relearn the activities needed to return to daily life. This may include learning to walk, to control balance, or regain motion of an arm or leg. The program begins with an evaluation which is developed into a plan of care. In addition to hands-on treatment, we offer treatments such as heat, ultrasound, TENS, massage, exercise, and others. Our strength is our ability to create a combination of services that address your unique requirements – and help prevent a reoccurrence. 

Occupational Therapy

Contrary to common belief, occupational therapists don’t just help you get back to your career. To us, the term “occupation” simply means whatever it is that you do. If you’re retired and occupy yourself with things around the home, then we’ll help you to do those things once again. You may have challenges due to a stroke, a job-related injury or an age-related disorder, to name a few. Or perhaps you have an arm or hand injury such as a fracture or a tendon repair. Occupational therapy may help you to make adaptations to your work station, to relieve physical discomfort, or teach you to feed and dress yourself again after a stroke. Whatever it is that you do, our occupational therapists will help you to do it better.

Speech/language Pathology

When your ability to speak and be understood by others is affected, or if you have trouble swallowing, this department can help. Our speech/language pathologists evaluate and treat disorders which may have resulted from surgery, facial injury, stroke, head injury or a developmental disability, just to name a few. Such problems can effect people from infancy to the elderly. After a thorough evaluation, sessions are designed to improve the targeted areas and promote more effective communication. Comprehension skills are as important to expression in this program. Speech, language pathologies, and radiologists work together to perform special swallowing studies.


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